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Domination Branding
Domination Branding Package

Craft a brand that’s not just seen but remembered with Domination Logo, color palette, and typography that make competitors envious!

Domination Web Development

Domination Web Development

Launch a strategic masterpiece website with ten pages, 1-2 contact forms for tactical engagement. No Chatbot included. Limited revisions and images.

Domination Social Brilliance

Spark a digital revolution with two Domination Posts a week—more than posts, they’re conversations!

Domination Content Writing

Tell your brand story with Website content or a monthly Domination blog post—it’s not just content, it’s a narrative, the epic Domination saga!

Domination Animations

Captivate your Audience with Domination Animations that don’t just move—they astound. Your brand, the Domination blockbuster!

Domination Support and Consultation

Stay ahead, and stay elite with ongoing Domination support and monthly strategy consultations.

This revitalized Domination Package is an extraordinary solution, harmonizing unparalleled creativity with strategic brilliance, to craft an unparalleled and dominant online presence for your brand.

3 Months / 6 Months Payment Plan


The choice is yours, and the results are tailored to your selection. Whether you’re sprinting to success in 3 months or savoring the journey over 6 months, DigiTech360 is committed to delivering excellence aligned with your unique timeline



Capture Strategic Branding

Capture Strategic Branding

Immerse your brand in a branding journey featuring graphics and collateral that redefine excellence. Business cards, flyers, and letterpads make your brand the epitome of sophistication!

Capture Web Development

Capture Web Development

Launch a 10-page custom site with e-commerce/membership, mobile optimization, forms, analytics, and API integration  to Capture your audience.

Capture Conversationalist Pro

Capture Conversationalist Pro Package

Meet your brand’s new AI companion—an advanced chatbot with NLP capabilities. Conversations that feel human, responses that feel divine. Your brand, the innovator!

Capture Pro Boost

Capture Pro Boost Package

Manage your brand on 2 platforms with 5 posts, ads, analytics, and engagement that sparks a digital revolution! It’s not just social media; it’s a symphony of brand brilliance!

Capture Content Brilliance

Craft content that captures attention—whether it’s website material or a monthly blog, make it captivating.

Capture SEO Mastery

Capture SEO Mastery Package

Optimize your online presence with effective SEO strategies, ensuring your brand captures the spotlight.

Capture Animation Impact

Transform your brand with animations that capture and convey your message effectively.

Capture Support & Strategy Excellence

Experience excellence with ongoing support and monthly strategy consultations to keep your brand capturing attention.

The Elite Capture Package isn't just a service; it's your ascension into the digital realm of distinction. Become part of an exclusive circle and let your brand radiate with unparalleled brilliance!

3 Months / 6 Months Payment Plan


The choice is yours, and the results are tailored to your selection. Whether you’re sprinting to success in 3 months or savoring the journey over 6 months, DigiTech360 is committed to delivering excellence aligned with your unique timeline



Conquer Branding Advancement

Conquer Strategic Branding

Immerse your brand in an advanced branding symphony that includes logo and graphics design with weekly variations and revisions. Your brand, the visual maestro!

Conquer Web Development Excellence

Conquer Web Development

Unleash a fully customized and scalable website with advanced features, e-commerce integration, mobile optimization, and SEO-optimized content. Your brand, the digital deity!


Conquer Mobile App Innovation

Step into the mobile world with a simplified app structure, user-friendly design, essential security features, and periodic updates. Your brand, the mobile expert! 

Please be aware that this basic Mobile App Development comes with some limitations on advanced functionalities and features.

Conquer Custom Chat Solution

Conquer Custom Chat Solution Package

Introduce a dynamic chat solution that enhances customer interactions and showcases your brand’s conversational prowess.

Conquer Elite Presence

Conquer Elite Presence Package

Establish a strong social media presence with a daily content strategy, advanced social advertising, and insightful audience analysis. Your brand, the social superstar!

Conquer Content Brilliance

Craft a comprehensive content strategy with engaging blog posts, articles and interactive content. Your brand, the storytelling sensation.

Conquer SEO Mastery

Conquer SEO Mastery Package

Achieve search engine dominance through extensive keyword research, on-page/off-page SEO, and regular updates. Your brand, the SEO sensation!

Conquer Visual Impact

Elevate your web and social presence with high-quality visuals and animations. Your brand, the visual virtuoso.

Conquer Support & Strategy Excellence

Immerse yourself in strategic brilliance with A/B testing, strategy adjustments, competitor analysis, and regular meetings. Your brand, the strategic sensation!

Regular strategy sessions, Exclusive access to emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and beta programs. Priority access to agency resources and strategic partnerships.The Conqueror Marketing Mastery isn't just a service; it's your VIP ticket to digital supremacy. Step into the spotlight and let your brand dominate the stage!

3 Months / 6 Months Payment Plan


The choice is yours, and the results are tailored to your selection. Whether you’re sprinting to success in 3 months or savoring the journey over 6 months, DigiTech360 is committed to delivering excellence aligned with your unique timeline

We understand that greatness comes in many forms. Whether you’re ready for the whole package or prefer to tailor your digital journey, We’ve got you covered. From show-stopping packages to a buffet of individual services below, the spotlight is on you


Unlock Your Digital Potential

Our Comprehensive Services at Unbeatable Prices!


$300 - $3000

We will rock you digitally. We will brainstorm to create a strategy for brand growth.(Logo, Ui/Ux, Business cards, Lettercards, Flyers, Posters, Menu, Seals)

Web Development

$1200 - $25000

Create an impactful online presence with our professional web Development service.

AI Chatbot Development

$700 - $15000

Empower your business with intelligent chatbots for instant responses, enhanced user experiences, and streamlined interactions.

App Development


$5000 - 50k

We build Android / IOS Applications. Your Next Billion dollar Idea.

AI Content Creation

$300 - $1000

We provide professional copywriting services (Human or AI) that are enough to put you on spotlight with your brand in no time.


$300 - $1000

Unlock the full potential of your online visibility with our results-driven SEO service.


$500 - $3500

We create custom video animations for your products and services without hassle.

Social Media Marketing

$500 - $2000

Get famous on social media with our SMM services. We restyle your social media.


$300 - $3000

We Stand Behind our Work and Provide you with free 30 day Maintenance. After 30 days we offer it as A la Carte.

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Are you ready to take your digital marketing strategies to the next level? We’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to schedule a meeting with our experienced team at DigiTech360. Whether you’re seeking expert advice, strategizing your next campaign, or exploring how our services can benefit your business, we’re here to help.

How can we help you?

To succeed as a business, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest digital trends and Design In Seconds is the one which will help you in the  areas of digital marketing and web development.

AI Chatbot Development

Empower your business with intelligent chatbots that provide instant responses to customer queries, guide users through processes, and enhance overall user experiences.

AI Content Creation

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline your content creation process. Our AI Content Creation service generates compelling blog posts, articles, and other content that speaks directly to your target audience.

Mobile App Development

In a world driven by technology and connectivity, a robust mobile app is no longer just an option – it’s a necessity. At DigiTech360 Chicago, we understand the intricacies of crafting mobile apps that not only function flawlessly but also engage, delight, and leave a lasting impact on users.

Restaurant Delights

For restaurant owners looking to entice their audience, we offer expert website design and branding services that capture the essence of your culinary creations. From sizzling graphics to mouthwatering content, we'll ensure your restaurant becomes a digital feast for the senses.

Small Businesses

Whether it's salons or plumbers, logistics companies or HVAC experts, landscaping services or beyond, we are fully dedicated to driving the progress of small businesses. Our meticulously crafted designs and strategic approaches guarantee that your distinct offerings stand out, nurturing expansion within your local community.


Healthcare providers, including senior living facilities, dental practices, and private clinics, can trust us to deliver a digital presence that reflects the trust patients place in your hands. We'll translate your commitment to health and wellness into a compelling online narrative.

Law firms

If You are Seeking a modern edge you can rely on our expertise to create polished websites and branding that exudes professionalism. Whether you specialize in corporate law, family law, or any other field, we'll tailor our services to suit your firm's unique identity.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals operate in a highly competitive industry. It is essential to partner with a skilled digital marketing agency that understands the intricacies of the real estate market to help our clients surpass their competitors.


We are dedicated to enhancing businesses across a wide range of industries. Whether it's introducing groundbreaking manufacturing innovations or creating the perfect abode, our expertise lies in devising digital strategies, crafting exceptional web experiences, establishing powerful branding, and much more. Entrust us to enhance your brand at every step of your path to triumph.

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Our approach to digital marketing is focused on delivering results for our clients. We take the time to understand their business objectives and develop customized strategies that are tailored to their needs.